Welcome to the Dynamics & Intelligent Systems Group

Welcome to Dr. Yongchao Yang’s Dynamics & Intelligent Systems (DIS) Group at Michigan Technological University. We aim to understand dynamics behaviors of structures and systems and enable intelligent engineering systems. Our specific research includes Sensing, Modeling, Analysis, and Control of dynamic structures and systems, spanning the broad areas of system identification & control and experimental & computational mechanics, combining approaches from machine (deep) learning and computer vision with optical and acoustical tools.

To this end, we develop novel computational sensing tools and “physics-guided” machine learning methodology for high-fidelity modeling, identification, and characterization of complex structural, material, and system behaviors. Our work strives to advance applications for structural health monitoring, non-destructive evaluations, dynamical system identification and control in the broad areas of cyber-physical systems.

We are grateful for funding from our sponsors:


December 2021

Hiring a postdoc/scientist in Ultrasonics: post.

November 2021

Dr. Yang (PI) is awarded a new research project to advance AI-enabled ultrasonics.

November 2021

Postdoc Dr. Homin Song presented our hierarchical Multi-scale Deep Learning for Super-resolution Ultrasonic Imaging in AAAI 2021 Fall Symposium.

November 2021

Postdoc Dr. Shanwu Li presented our physics-integrated deep learning framework for modeling nonlinear dynamical system in AAAI 2021 Fall Symposium.

September 2021

Our 2nd patent is issued ‘Full-field Imaging Learning Machine (FILM)’ (US Patent Number: 11,127,127). See also our 1st patent: US Patent 10,567,655

June 2021

Dr. Yang (PI) is awarded a new research project to develop novel AI controllers.

June 2021

Dr. Yang (Co-PI, PI-Dr. Chang Kyoung Choi) is awarded a new research project from Hyundai.

February 2021

Our paper wins a Best Paper award in the IMAC 2021 of Society of Experimental Mechanics (SEM) paper.

October 2020

Dr. Yang (Co-PI, PI-Dr. Zhen Liu) is awarded a new research project from Federal Highway Adminstration (FHWA) [News].

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